Management of Cestné stavby, spol. s r.o. Liptovský Mikuláš is responsible for the success of the company. The basic prerequisite for its success is quality. To ensure this, it accepts the following Quality Policy

  • Responsibility for the quality of our construction production and other services lies with the management of the company which creates the conditions for its provision.
  • Construction production and services in the required quality meet the customer’s requirements.
  • The aim of all company employees is to create a circle of permanent customers of our production.
  • Every worker has to master technological and quality standards related to their job.
  • Every company employee is here to fulfil the wishes of our customers.
  • The result of quality work is cost reduction.
  • The company undertakes to meet the requirements in the area of environmental quality and occupational safety and health and to continuously improve the efficiency of quality management systems, environmental management and occupational safety and health.
  • The company is committed to preventing waste, minimizing waste generation, maximizing waste recovery prior to disposal, saving primary resources, and disposing of waste in a way that does not endanger human health and does not harm the environment.
  • Taking care of occupational safety and health of our employees is an integral part of our business activities.
  • Systematic education of employees will increase their satisfaction, motivation and loyalty and increase their awareness in the area of quality, environment and occupational safety and health.
  • We advocate the full responsibility of each employee to permanently reduce negative impacts on the quality of products, environment and occupational safety and health.
  • Risk management and prevention in all areas of the organization means preventing loss of human life, the environment and property.
  • We will ensure the most efficient use of waste and avoid negative impact on the environment.


The construction company Cestné stavby Liptovský Mikuláš, spol. s r. o. is aware of its responsibility to care for people in the work process and has established the principles that it follows in realizing its intentions and objectives:

  • We adhere to valid legislation and standards for OSH at work.
  • We regularly review the established OSH policy with regard to its suitability and topicality.
  • We continually improve our behaviour to prevent any work-related injuries.
  • We buy technologies primarily with respect to reducing the possible occurrence of accidents at work or workers’ health risks.
  • We use technologies which, by their design, favour collective protection of employees over individual.
  • We are constantly raising awareness in the area of occupational safety and health and the responsibility of our employees.
  • We inform the public about the OSH policy of the company.
  • We publish our OSH policy at all levels of management.
  • We prefer preventive protection against injury and damage to health.


The construction company Cestné stavby Liptovský Mikuláš, spol. s r. o. is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and declares the following environmental policy:

  • In relation to the protection and care of the environment, we apply the principle of continuous improvement, preferring preventive measures.
  • We adhere to applicable legislation and other regulations and standards in the field of environmental protection which we are committed to and which are related to the activities of our company.
  • We regularly review and reassess our long-term and short-term environmental objectives.
  • We pay special attention to emergency safety of operations, fire protection of all buildings, occupational safety and health.
  • We follow the principle of preferring modern technologies with minimal environmental impact.
  • We take economic measures in the area of energy and raw materials consumption in all production activities, using recyclable materials where environmental, technical and economic criteria allow so.

We communicate with government administration, local government, the public and all stakeholders about our activities in addressing environmental issues and achievements.